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        Bashu Commune
        Classic Sichuan Cuisine

        The classic Bashu dishes are constantly innovated in the inheritance
        Let the classic Bashu culture be deeply rooted in the hearts of people with good taste

        With family, home cooking
        To friends, to entertain guests
        Treat yourself deliciously
        Sichuan cuisine is one of the four traditional Chinese cuisines, one of the eight major Chinese cuisines, and the master of Chinese cuisine.

        Sichuan cuisine has a wide range of materials, varied seasonings, various dishes, and both fresh and mellow tastes. It is famous for its good use of spicy seasoning, and its unique cooking method and strong local flavor. Grid, a hundred dishes and a hundred flavors.

        The Sichuan-style special dishes developed by the brand of "Bashu Commune" under the Gaojin Industrial Group are characterized by red flavors that are numb, spicy, fresh and fragrant; Food is safe and convenient.


        Sprouts porkBashu Commune-Nine Bowls Series

        Sprouts with meat is fat but not greasy, rich in fragrance and rich in nutrition, which is a traditional famous dish in Yibin, Sichuan.
        The raw materials of GOLdKINN cold fresh meat are selected, supplemented by Yibin special sprouts, the fat and thin layers are uniform, and the color is bright red.


        Bashu Commune-Nine Bowls Series

        It is a local famous dish in Sichuan, belonging to Sichuan traditional dishes.
        The raw materials of GOLdKINN chilled fresh meat are preferred, supplemented by glutinous rice and red bean stuffing. The color is golden, the taste is sweet, and it is fat but not greasy.。


        steamed pork with rice flourBashu Commune-Nine Bowls Series

        Supplemented with potatoes and rice noodles, the color is golden yellow, the beef is glutinous and fragrant, and the rice noodles are oily
        It is a traditional famous dish in Sichuan with rich fragrance.


        Longan meatBashu Commune-Nine Bowls Series

        Longan meat is similar to longan, salty and fragrant, fat but not greasy, and is a traditional famous dish in Sichuan.
        The raw materials of GOLdKINN cold fresh meat are preferred, supplemented with high-quality glutinous rice and red bean paste, white and red, fresh and sweet.


        chinese rice puddingBashu Commune-Nine Bowls Series

        Eight treasure rice is made from glutinous rice, red dates, preserved fruits, lotus seeds, coix seed, winter melon strips, preserved fruits, raisins, white sugar, lard and other raw materials. It is oily, sweet and soft, glutinous and fragrant. It is a Chinese dish

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        In the hinterland of Bashu, there is an old gluttonous eater of Sichuan cuisine, who is familiar with the taste of Sichuan.

        Bashu culture originated from the right time and place, and it is manifested in hundreds of dishes and flavors in Sichuan cuisine. With the passage of time, new styles of cuisine have emerged, the pace of life has accelerated, traditional and classic dishes are also being lost at an accelerated rate, and the hidden flavors of folk customs are gradually becoming inaudible and difficult to think. Cooking, it is difficult for those who read it to enjoy, and in addition to sighing, I have the responsibility of food revival.

        Invite colleagues and friends to reunite to build a food study club, named Bashu Commune. It intends to inherit and innovate the classic Bashu dishes. With good ingredients and fine craftsmanship, diners all over the world can taste its deliciousness and remove its complexity. It is willing to make the classic Bashu flavors in the most convenient form to spread to thousands of households.

        Brand Story of Bashu Commune